Tele-Therapy! Tele-what?

dddProviding therapy services over the internet in real time… We thought long and hard about providing this service.  Many have questions both from the client and provider side…The most common include – Is it as effective?  Is it covered by insurance? Is it HIPAA compliant?  Do I need to have a special computer program?  The short answers are Yes, Yes, Yes, and No.

Is it as effective?  Yes.  A tele-therapy program is tailored to the client’s needs.  After the initial evaluation or screening, which must be done in person, we will develop a therapy plan.  Depending on the severity of the case, tele-therapy can be the exclusive method of services or we may recommend a series of office visits combined with online sessions.  This can change over time as client goals are met.  Additionally, tele-therapy is an effective way to promote carryover of skills into the home.

Is it covered by insurance?  Very often, yes.  On the patient side, absolutely nothing changes from a billing perspective.  Technically, on the therapy side a modifier (or additional) code is used when submitting claims to insurance.

Is it HIPAA compliant?  Yes.  This has been a topic of debate for some time.  We have partnered with a simple, free, and secure tele-therapy service that is HIPAA compliant and is as easy to use as Skype or FaceTime.

Do I need to have a special computer program?  No.  But you must be using Google Chrome or Firefox (but it’s 2016, who uses Explorer anymore?) Prior to your tele-therapy session, a branded Miller Therapy link will be emailed to you – The same link will be used each therapy session.  Simply click the link and you are ready to begin.  It could not be easier.

If you have any questions, please visit our website at or email us at

Located in Arlington Heights and serving the entire Chicagoland area, Miller Therapy provides expert Speech Therapy and Orofacial Myology.


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